You better believe it...

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I just gotta say I've been Union for 40 years . Been on strike a total of 3 times, or 10 months total. Lost my job for a year when they sold the refinery in '96. Now they're closing it again. Is the Company taking care of its people? No. Only what they are forced to do. Is it an American Company? I say no, not when they bring finished product from overseas. They do this because our goverment helps big business more OUTSIDE our country then in it. Its NOT a fair playing field.
I was a member of the oil ,chemical ,and atomic workers, now I belong to the United Steel Workers. This Union has done more for the people they represent then anyone else, including our goverment. Their are bad aspects to Unions, sure. But I can't imagine any big business taking care of its employees without them. When we won Medical EVERYONE got medical. When we got Dental in '80 EVERYBODY in the company got Dental. When we got better pay, EVERYBODY in the company got better pay.
When they close this plant EVERYBODY connected in everyway LOSES. Do they really give a FUCK? NO.
As for taxing the RICH, Tax EVERYBODY the SAME.
You think taxing them will stop them creating more jobs? BULLSHIT
I'm sorry I don't want to hear how hard they work to get rich. I know hundreds of people who work hard who aren't rich.
This isn't about the Mom and Pop small business's that scraped to get by before they finally grew, its about the blood sucking corporate greed thats sucking the life out of this country.
Hey this isn't some bitter tirade from an old man who lost his job...I'll get by (christ, 3 strikes and being laid off for a year was actually good training), fuck them, its about all the young families who left other jobs, even other states because they were told lies and believed our country isn't stupid enough to now become GASOLINE dependant. 
Americans better wise up, we are helping every nation but our own.
Because a company is based in America doesn't mean it is American.